The Boys

Wilfred Earl, named for our dad Bucky. Story goes, as a toddler, Wilfred would buck his head against the wall so his grampa named him Bucky, The name he used all his life.
Oliver, now famous, on the back or the Monadnock Table. Sire at the Butternut Farm
Meat Ball, everyones favorite buck, Sweet and loving except when he is in rut. Did I tell you that bucks pee on themselves to attract the does?

There are many silly stories about mean bucks. So far we have had only great experiences with our boys. They are bottle fed and kept with the herd so we can make pets of them. However, during rut is a different story. We haven’t had any issues with any of our boys but they do get stinky! A goat in rut pees on himself to attract the does. It only lasts a few weeks but it can get smelly in the barn. That is the purpose of the goatee, it is a sponge and he rubs all over the girls. Hey guys, you might think about your facial hair! The biggest problem is they don’t understand why we (people) are not impressed, they still want to be petted. PHEW!  A bath in vinegar works well.
Goats have a light/cold sensitive estrus cycle. The come into heat in the fall when the days get shorter and colder. A 5 month gestation and the kids are born in the spring. Ours are due the end of March and the beginning of April, all 30 of them. They typically have 2 but frequently have 3 or 4. Lots of baby goats to feed. Come help.

Stay tuned