Nell’s Goat Milk Soap

Nell was our first doe.  She isn’t with us any more but we still make goat milk soap in her memory.  Our soap can be used as a shampoo,  shaving soap,  garden or mechanics soap.  Many moms find it gently cleans the diaper area.  We used only natural, gentle ingredients.

                                        Nell’s Goat Milk Soap

                                              Fragrance Free

Handmade goat milk soap is known for its’ softening and moisturizing qualities because goat milk has a pH (acidy mantle) similar to that of our skin.  Handmade goat milk soap helps to re-balance the skins pH levels and add nutrients to nourish and moisturize your skin by adding natural fats, amino acids and vitamins.

Handmade goat milk soap contains glycerin, a natural product of the saponification process.  Saponification is the use of sodium hydroxide (lye) to make soap.  Glycerin helps to maintain the skins natural moisture during cleansing.  Glycerin is removed from commercial soaps to be used in cosmetics and medicines.

The ingredients in our soap have been chosen to help maintain healthy skin,  our body’s first line of defense.

It is fragrance free because many people with sensitive skin are also sensitive to fragrances.

Ingredients:  Saponified goat milk soap

Honey is a humectant which means it helps attract moisture by adding it to our soap it helps to moisturize dry skin. Honey is also believed to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  We use only local honey from our farms.

Calendula infusion is a medicinal herb easily grown in our gardens.  It is used to speed healing of external skin injuries like chapped skin.  We make our own calendula infusion from our own flowers.

Coconut oil gives our soap firmness and lather.  It is used in the highest quality soaps and also adds moisturizing qualities.

Olive oil is a very good moisturizer because it holds moisture close to the skin forming a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture without blocking the natural functions of the skin including sweating and exfoliation.

Safflower oil, Vitamin E & aloe for the healing properties of vitamin E and lather of safflower.

Some of our soaps contain hemp oil to help nourish the skin.


                                      Nell’s Goat Milk Soap in a Luffa Sponge

The same quality goat milk soap known for its’ softening and moisturizing qualities in a soft, all natural luffa sponge gourd.  Luffa is a gourd we grow, cure, remove the seeds, bleach and then pour Nells soap into the gourds fibrous core.  Great for scrubbing in the shower or tub.  Great for removing garden dirt from hands.  Many customers use it to remove make-up and exfoliate their skin.