goats april 22 2014 008
presses that we have designed for the farmhouse cheddar that we make is wheels approximately one pound
Farmhouse cheddar after waxing. We use an electric frying pan to keep the wax at the correct temperature.

We are changing some of the dairy items and the demand changes.  We will no longer make chevre for sale although we have the cultures so you cane make it yourself.  Easy to make.  One of the biggest sellers is the feta. I am making it every week and sell out. Real feta is made from goat milk so customers seem to like the real thing.   Also easy to make.   We also make Farmhouse Cheddar, a semi hard cheese that is aged at lease 2 months.  These are very popular and use all the milk that isn’t sold as liquid milk.  We also sell yogurt or encourage customers to make their own with the starter sold at the farm.  We are always trying new products.



Farmhouse cheddar hanging to remove whey, leaving curds for cheese.   The whey can be used to make skincare products, whey ricotta, for feed the pigs.

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