How we got started

5-8-2014 005
Spring kids
This is our favorite ad from the Monadnock Table magazine.
New born kids in pajamas

Milford Goat Dairy started out with just six Alpine doelings (8 week old baby kids).  After 18 months we bred them and after 5 more months gestation we had 12 more goats.  Now up to 18.  Marcy had 4 of her own Nubian does and all of a sudden we were over 20 goats and in the goat milk and cheese business.  Goats have 2,3 or 4 kids with each birthing.  We had to learn fast how to care for the mothers and kids and how to sell the milk and cheese.  Mary and Dan Fox helped with their 40 years of experience and the classes by UNH Extension Educator Dot Perkins   There is also lots of information on-line.                                So here we are an official, licensed goat dairy.  When people ask me why goats?  “They make me laugh“.  Goats are clean, fun, loving, silly and give wonderful, healthy food products.

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