Milford Goat Dairy LLC

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Milford Goat Dairy LLC Our good friend, Nancy Chalder, designed our Milford Goat Dairy logo using Nell (Nubian) and Esther (Alpine) as models. Not only are they beautiful goats but favorites.

Milford Goat Dairy was established in 2009 by the O’Connell family.  The State of NH is allowing both farms,  Holland Farm and Butternut Farm Milford to be under one license.   To be a NH license dairy  our farms are inspected regularly  and our products and facilities are tested monthly.  Our herd was tested by UNH once again this fall (2017) for tuberculosis, brucellosis, johne’s  and is negative.  We provide  safe, nutritious,wholesome products.  Customers are welcome and encouraged to visit the farms and get to know us and the goats.  Goats are fun!

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